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Founded by Tanner Bickelhaupt in 2015, The Tanbic Company is an emerging trendsetter in multifamily real estate investment, development, and property management.  Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Tanbic Company is vertically integrated with our in-house management company, Stellar Residential. Together, we focus on the multifamily sector and pledge incomparable commitment and service to our residents and investors.

We combine a data-driven focus on high-growth markets and sectors, where we seek to take advantage of capital markets and operational and capital expenditure inefficiencies. We focus on preserving and growing investor capital through value-added business plans, careful risk mitigation, moderate use of leverage (sometimes no leverage), and thoughtful portfolio construction.

The Tanbic Company successfully exited all multifamily holdings by calling the 2022-2023 commercial real estate crash, selling every multifamily asset before prices fell.  More so, the team averaged over 40% NOI growth on multifamily asset operations, combined with the rising market conditions at the time, yielded exceptional investor results.  

The company elected not to execute 1031 exchanges in 2021 and 2022 as market conditions were likely to decline further than paying capital gains tax. The Tanbic Company is expected to resume acquisitions in late 2023.  See the latest newsletter for updates.

The operations

We seek to defy industry expectations and status quo standards by seeking opportunity within the smallest of details.   We believe it starts from the top down and take pride in our people, their skills and the goals of each person on our team.
Tanner B. Bickelhaupt is the founding principal of The Tanbic Company with more than 16 years of real estate, finance, development, and management experience.  Bickelhaupt’s investment track record includes successfully investing in multiple asset classes, in multiple markets, and through different economic cycles. Bickelhaupt guides the firm’s overall strategic direction, including developing investment strategies, suitable sourcing investments for acquisition and developments, and sourcing and maintaining capital partner and lender relationships. Prior to forming The Tanbic Company, Bickelhaupt was the Director of Real Estate for Black Rock Development, a real estate development company representing more than 44 entities with a real estate portfolio valued at over $550M.   Tanner’s track record within multifamily acquisitions, dispositions and operations includes over 11,000 units within Arizona, Texas, and the Oklahoma markets. He has raised more than $250MM of non-institutional private equity through high-net-worth accredited investors, resulting in over $450MM of asset purchases throughout the United States at the time of purchase. Bickelhaupt holds a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Gonzaga University.