the tanbic company

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The Tanbic Company is a Vertically Integrated Real Estate Investment, Development and Operating Firm

Built from Operations

Co-founded by Tanner Bickelhaupt (Tanbic) and Dale Phillips, Stellar Residential is a management company that specializes in Class A multifamily assets.  Stellars current portfolio has more than 3,500 units across Arizona and has been retained on an additional 4,000 units in development. Stellar Residential offers a full suite of services from property management, due diligence, construction and repositioning, marketing, acquisition support and asset management.

60+ years of property management experience

20,000+ new units successfully leased

1B+ assets under management

1,800+ units actively in lease-up stage

Opportunity exists, if you know how to see it.

We formulate ideas, identify trends, and explore niches within the marketplace.   We buy assets worth buying.   Our unique perspectives and creative expertise allow us to find opportunities that are not always apparent.

A few of our assets

Past and PResent


•    Centerra Scottsdale: 60% NOI growth in 3 years |  Sold for 3rd highest price per unit in Southwest (constructed prior to 1990)

•    Winfield at the Ranch: NOI exceeded proforma by 36% |    Sold for record price per square foot in Arizona

•    Timberline Place: 31% NOI growth in 3.9 years

•    Winfield Scottsdale: 34% NOI growth in 2.5 years

•    Notable underwriting accuracy leading to superior results across Tanbic multifamily portfolio, operational expenses have averaged 4.3% less than original proforma